Prayer Request

Unity was founded on prayer.

Prayer is the foundation of our spiritual life and we're here to support you on your spiritual journey.

We're blessed to have the constant support of Prayer Chaplains. They're available each Sunday to pray with us one-on-one, and to hold a sacred space for us on our journey. Our Prayer Chaplains are volunteers who receive extensive training in affirmative prayer and holding a sacred space. All prayers are kept in strict confidence.

Send a prayer request.

Our prayer team will pray about your special prayer request for 30 days. Prayer request cards are available at our center or you can request prayer via email. Because we wish to honor your privacy and confidentiality, we won't contact you unless you request that we do so.

Send a prayer request via email now. 

To further add to the power of prayer, these requests are then sent to Silent Unity, where they will be prayed on for an additional 30 days.